LOMBARDO Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Bridging Brands w/ Fans

Success on social media is a commitment to change. 

LOMBARDO was created with the belief that we are only at the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way consumers will ultimately engage with brands. Technology is rapidly changing our world and as a result media no longer controls the conversation. Consumers do. Consumers who will only continue to become more empowered. More in control of what they see, more able to spread ideas and bring their own voice to a brand’s message.

LOMBARDO optimizes all we do against them. There will always be new media. There will always be new technology. But there is only one medium. The consumer is the medium. LOMBARDO empowers and liberates them through our ideas.


1.19 billion users


625,000 people join every day


500 million tweets per day


40% users check daily


80% of users are women


75 countries in 61 languages


300 million active user per/mo


217 million blogs